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WNWT Day 4

Thursday started in Oklahoma City with the goal of getting to the Dallas area to stay with an old high school buddy. Turned out to be like a day long blind date with Mother Nature, who turns out to like to be called Mona for short. Who knew?

Based on what I could see about Mona on the internet, she should be nice, maybe wearing some grey, but not nasty in anyway. The real thing that showed up outside my window was not nice and a bit unkempt. Maybe this isn't Mona. I'll hide and see if someone else shows up. It wasn't raining, but it can't be much darker, foggier, and mist any harder without it raining.

No one else came. Ok, if this is Mona, then I'd better get on with it, but not without protection. Rolled on my rain suit and we drizzled our way out of OKC with all the trucks. "Yes Ms. Red Roof, it would be dryer and warmer to travel by car. Yes Mr. Cowboymanintheparkinglot, I do stay pretty dry wearing this and yes I'm having Fun. Can't you see I'm on a date?"

Got out of town on I-35, then took to two-lane.

Once Mona had spent a couple of hours with me and figured out I was in for the long haul she warmed up a bit and started to flirt with me. Started showing me a bit of sun here and there. She quit spitting on me. As much. Seemed like we were getting along pretty good eventhough she wouldn't ditch the dark grey sweater. At a gas station I decided to make a move and ditch my rain jacket and overboots.

As usual, I was moving too fast... wanting to take off too much too soon. So she spit on me for a bit more. You nasty girl. But we did go through a really nice area about this time. Was really hoping the scenery would stay like this but it was just about a 5-10 mile section. Turner Falls...

Taking Mona to the Falls did the trick. Really started warming up to me but was a major flirt with what I really wanted. Kept showing me the sun, but always just out of reach. "Oh, just a couple more miles south and you can have it. Oh no, just a few more miles. Oh, sorry, I meant over the next hill".

And like a lot of first dates, I never got it... but I saw it, so that gave me hope for Friday's riding.

Crossed into Texas while crossing a bridge over Lake Texhoma, which looks surprising just like the mile long bridge over Lake Saylorville back in Iowa. Although it sounds like Lake Texhoma is much bigger.

Got to the Dallas/Ft Worth area around 3:00... I had thought about going to see the Fort Worth Stockyards but knew I wouldn't really have time to walk around. Decided to go see where they were in case I wanted to check it out Friday morning on my way out of town. Easy ride to the Stockyards. Pretty cool area of town. Big longhorn cattle with saddles on them along the street. Hmm.

My buddy lives in The Colony, TX which is on the north side of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Let's just say riding up there from Ft. Worth around rush hour time was a mistake. Clutch hand got a workout. Can probably crack walnuts with that hand now.

With a name like The Colony, I was wondering if I was going to be entering a gated compound where I'd be brainwashed, renamed Bill-1784, and be told my new job was growing turnips and mixing kool-aid. Nope, The Colony is just a nice suburb on the north side of Dallas. Or maybe they just didn't want me.

Had a nice evening catching up with my buddy Jeff and his two year old son Spencer. 284 miles for the day.
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