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Ok boys and girls. My 2010 R`s immobiliser crapped out and as I have heard of others doing the same I wanted to get rid of it as well as not have to pay for the complete ECU/RFID/Key/arial/locks combo that the KTM dealer was suggesting

Removed the antenna
I bought a 2008 ECU, it was the same part number as the 2010 unit apparently
Loaded a 2007 std map

Hey presto, it runs with the same original keys as the software is not looking for the immobiliser signal I guess.

Other inmates have expressed surprise it runs with the 2007 std map, due to timing and cam changes, but it does albeit with the typical 2007 throttle glitches. It is probably down on power but not so much that I would notice.

I am told I cant reload 2009 on std maps as this will look for the immobiliser signal, so I am working on copying and pasting the 2010 R map into the 2007std map. I tried it once but the bugger would barely run so I reverted back pronto. This is my first time fooling with tuneECU so I probably made a balls up somewhere. I want to go to the Dakar this weekend so I am not going to fool with it again until I get back

As it stands I still have an unstable idle issue to resolve, but I know that is unrelated to the ECU/map change as it was like that with the std items after an engine rebuild. Current wisdom is that it is related to dodgy TPS's so those are on their way from the US now.

Hope this helps and if anyone has any good step by step suggestions copying the 2010 map tables I would really welcome that

Cheers - Martyn
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