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Originally Posted by bingo43 View Post
I love the fact that you have disguised your ADV ride to Costa Rica as a "learning experience". Let me get this straight...Your school is going to pay you while you are in CR and you get to ride any afternoon and explore the volcanoes, mountains, jungles, rivers, oceanside, beaches? That is rough employment. Brutal.
Well...yeah, if you're gonna put it like that....but it IS rougher than you might think.

Originally Posted by bingo43 View Post
Sign me up! I like the bike. Burn through those stock tires quick ands see if you can find something more knobby. You might have to bring it with you. I'll be watching closely. I'm excited to see those backroad skills!
I wanted a bike all ready go go from the day I got there. I decided to buy instead of rent because there's a good chance I'll be in CR 3 times over the next 14 months, two 6 week trips and another 3 week one.

So I basically bought the Honda CGL-125 by email and phone. The salesman asked me what I wanted to use the bike for--just in the city? I told him no, some off-road "stuff" too. He offered to put more knobby tires on it, so it should have them on already.

They also trucked the bike at no extra cost from SJ to Pérez-Zeledón to my sis-in-laws, about 3 hours away. I was very happy about that because I didn't want the first time I ride the bike to be through busy SJ, then up over "el cerro de la muerte"--3200 meter elevation (about 10,500') at its highest. But then again, maybe that's the best way to break in a bike like this. Here's my bike buying decision:
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