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Still sitting here listening to the birds chirping in the jungle and looking at all my options as I look out across Portobelo bay. The misty clouds are blowing by overhead at sunrise turning pink and orange. Nobody is up at this hour. Everyone left last night after the bar closed at 10 and very few have made it back. Only 2 other people in the bunk area.

This reminds me of when I spent a week waiting for a plane to leave the Kulu valley in the Himalayas for the short flight to Shimla. Every day was the same. Maybe tomorrow. If I had known it would take a week instead of a day, I would have taken the 16 hour bus ride. It's much the same feeling here on the Carribean. Lots of people waiting around for a mythical boat.

Traveling by boat in rough seas isn't my idea of a good time. I may just bite the bullet and fly the bike to Bogota for 900.00. I'd rather be riding.

Taking a combination of Kuna cargo boats and launchas could take a couple three weeks to get to Colombia at the rate I'm going. The flying option starts sounding better and better. I could be riding in the Colombian mountains next week. Hmmmm.

I have heard that the launchas are gouging people in Puerto Obaldia. Some people paid 300 to get their bikes from there to Turbo. This is all second hand hearsay, so you never know until you get there.

The difference in cost is probably 2 weeks of riding expense. So it comes down to whether I want to spend two weeks less riding or two weeks more waiting.

more later……
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