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Got it running

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate the help.

After returning the bike to the machine shop they went through what I had performed. It seems the KX60 sits slightly lower in the bore than the YZ piston. The shop decked the cylinder to raise the compression further.

I did find out the ball was missing between the 2 pushrods. A couple of days in tranny fluid loosened up the cable to a functional level.

We replaced the brake shoes and found the lever arm was in the wrong position.

The PO had used a large nut and lock washer for a spacer. We installed a proper spacer and installed the chain.

The kicker was jumping due to severely worn gears. I bought a used set off ebay to correct the issue.

The only issues remaining are the following:

Hard starting on the kicker. Seems to start fine if push started. Makes it a 1/2-1 tire revolution and bangs over fine. Even when warm it doesn't want to start on the kicker.

Once running it seems to idle up and down. Reminds me a an old civic I had with worn throttle shafts. It acts like it has a intermittent air leak???

Lastly the rear wheel wobbles. Is there any easy way to align the wheel? I've never adjusted spokes before.


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