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Oddometer: 1,273 says the critter will be available worldwide--but probably not in the U. S. Is our governmental regulations too costly for them to bring them in? Is is the exchange rate? Or is American Honda run by a bunch of goodie-two-shoes types who can't understand the concept of what motorcycling is all about (FUN!!)?

They sold more Ruckus 50's than they ever dreamed they would. Maybe they ought to take the gamble, bring in the MSX-125 and see if they can create some excitement. If they want to sell expensive motorcycles in the future to the youngsters of today they're going to figure out a way to draw these kids into the sport right now.

I'm sure old gray haired farts like myself won't be the key target market for bikes like this but that's okay--I'll be happy to buy one and look like I'm in the middle of a midlife crisis. I won't look any sillier than I do when I ride my street-legal hot rod XR-50.
Boring fiction--"One Last Ride in the Hoosier":

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