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Originally Posted by O-man21 View Post
Do the 600rr's have any significant issues to look out for? What should I look at specifically on an 04?

How hard/expensive are they to maintain? I've never had a FI bike before. What would I expect within the next 10000 miles? It currently has 6k.
As long it hasn't lived it's life on the track and been reasonably maintained, there shouldn't be any issues of note. Only semi-weak spot I've heard of is the CCT. Simple to replace it with an APE manual CCT and yer good ot go.

Originally Posted by O-man21 View Post
How is the reliability on these bikes? I assume being a sport bike they're pretty high-strung. Do the engines last a while?
Somewhere on the interwebz, I've seen a guy who claims to have put on over 200,000 miles of sport/touring/track riding on his RR. If I wasn't so lazy and useless, I'd google it for ya, but...well...
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