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camel toe

I have fitted a Camel Toe sidestand plate but now the extra weight incurred on the end of the sidestand makes it bounce around at a unacceptable level,has anyone had similar problem and found a fix?
If I cant solve this I will remove it and count my losses and revert back to my tried and proven sidestand plate-a squashed coke can carried on me and placed under the sidestand as needed.

On the subject of tyre width a mate has a 2010 990 Adventure [comes with a 150 tyre and has more weight and more power than a SE] he has done 2 trips into the outback using narrower than standard rear tyres and these are the results.
Trip 1 Dunlop 606 130 x 90 rear on standard 4.25 inch rim he got 4000 klms.
Trip 2 Dunlop 606 130 x 90 rear on replacement 2.5 inch rim he got 3000 klms.
Both trips to same place,same tyre pressures[30 psi] and carrying same gear [weight] and no punctures.
So a 130 rear will even fit on a wide 4.25 rim let alone the 2.5 rim on a SE and the narrower the rim the more the tyre wears,this is why I have a 3.5 excel which will be fitted on the rear of my SE in the next 3 weeks.
I am not out to start a tyre thread just answering a question with an example as to weather a 130 can be used on a 2.5 inch rim to keep the cost down.
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