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Originally Posted by Crocodile Tears View Post
So I picked up a set of nashbar PVC parabolic rollers for use during the icy winters here, which of course caused a heat wave melting the snow, but thats besides the point.

Never did ride rollers before, and man do I have to say these things are a real sonovabitch. I can get up using the wall for a support, but to just do a freestanding start is nearly impossible. Any tips? I will say once you get moving they are much better than any resistance trainer ive used, and wear you out trying to maintain speed to help your stability.

The nashbar units appear to be of decent quality, though the rollers scuff easilly. For $150, I cant complain and would reccomend them for anyone tired of dodging snowflakes. I havent even massively ate shit off them yet (although it sure felt like I was trying for the first day)
i usually set a chair up (back towards me) nearby just to have something for reference when i'm getting on and off, but with a little practice you'll find you're using it less and less.

don't worry about the discoloration on the rollers; that's just proof that you're using them. i have a set of old alloy-drummed Kreitlers (because Kreitlers last for-freakin'-ever, and have a headwind fan for wind resistance that blows the wind back *at* you), and they're polished clean-looking in the center while the rest is considerably dingier looking.

practice riding low gears and just spinning easy initially; riding faster will make it easier to keep your balance, but you'll also find that your mistakes get amplified quicker as well.
key is staying loose on the bars; rollers teach you that you're steering from your saddle, not your handlebars, as doing something wrong at the bars on rollers will quickly put you off the side.

one of the best things about roller'ing is that it teaches what *not* to do, and how to not fight yourself or waste energy. there's a reason Time Trialists and mega-milers spend time on rollers; spend a little time on them yourself, and you'll understand. (try doing a short ride after spending some time on your rollers, and you'll really appreciate it; it feels like you're on a rail that you couldn't get knocked off of.)

but mostly, just practice doing it easy for a while until you relax on them. you'll find that as you relax, it gets easier.
don't forget to have fun!
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