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Originally Posted by DirtyDR View Post
In the Winter I just wear a pair of Fila ski pants over my blue jeans and I wear a First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket over a long sleeve T shirt when riding to work or just running errands. When it gets really cold, below zero, I have a pair of Reima ski bibs that I wear instead of the Fila bibs, the Reima bibs are too warm and I will sweat if it is above zero Farenheit.

For a helmet I use a Ski Doo BV2S snowmobile helmet without the electric visor. The best cold weather helmet I have ever worn.

I have several pairs of warm gloves but the best seem to be a pair of Ski Doo snowmobile gloves.

If I am going for a long ride, over 100 miles, I will usually put on a pair of long underwear and carry a couple of pairs of gloves with the hand warmers in a spare pair in the sidecar to keep them warm so all I have to do is switch gloves and they are pre warmed.
Hell yeah)) Like a spacemen)

We've got all the easier. I think, that I will buy for myself a polar oil drillers suit, or a set of winter military clothing. To a hands I now clothing three-fingered winter military mittens, and for foots I going to buy a fishing insulated boots.

My wife uses an army sheepskin coat - it's a good thing, but it does not protect from the wind. But it can be clothed over the other winter clothes.

And I definitely need to install the electric-heated grips to a handlebar. To use a chemical warmers - a good idea! In this regard, I think that I can get the gasoline catalytic heaters, like this - (I cant to enter international site)
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