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excited to be getting the motor back on wed (16 jan 13) from hughs. according to tim, the piston looked fine, just honed cylinder and replaced rings, replaced clutch plates with barnett (only as an upgrade over stock, originals were fine), split cases and replaced all seals, gaskets, bearings, washers, etc. i had fuel in the clutch oil, so the culprit was easy to spot. kept the original amal carb, but "sanded" the slide a touch as it was sticking, and replaced gaskets, replaced points, and sent me out new clutch and throttle cables. when i originally posted this thread, i mentioned that the bike had 300mi on the odo, and i had no reason not to believe that. tim also felt that the motor appeared to confirm that. at this point i'm a real happy guy, now i cant wait to get the motor back in the bike and get some much needed seat time. i gave the bike, minus the motor a detailed washing in preparation for wednesday. i considered attempting my first restoration of a bike while i had the bike apart, but after my inspiration from pshrauber, i was afraid that i would uncover a new project "around every corner," . unlike pshrauber, who says he put away $$$ over years for his restoration, i am already into my next years harescramble series budget, and looking around the garage to see what i can sell to recoup some funds. possibly the best news of all, and the one that i am most happy about is that my 14 year old son seems to be enjoying the suzuki rl, admitted that old bikes have "style," and will be my trials partner at 2 events in the next couple months!!! i think i won the best son lottery!
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