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Agreed, something like the Dakar is the extreme end, most of the problems have been fuel pumps though, not the actual FI. If you are going to have five fuel tanks, the complexity of moving fuel around is likely to screw you up, carbs OR FI.
If you have 5 fuel tanks you are going to have fuel pumps, EFI or carby!

EFI fuel pumps use the fuel flowing through them to cool themselves, they are about 60 watts (when running all the time) so need some cooling. Some EFI pumps are mounted outside the fuel tank and are about the same size as the ones mounted inside the fuel tank! So it is the fuel inside the pump that does most of the cooling (given air has less cooling effect). More modern systems don't run the pump flat out all the time thus reducing the heat (and electrical) load. EFI pumps are fairly reliable, more so than the carby fuel pumps usually fitted to some bikes ... If I had a bike with a carby fuel pump I'd be servicing it every other time I'd change spark plugs.
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