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I was cutting the opening with a jig saw but when I got to the supports I switched to a Sawzall with a brand new blade and cut through 3 of the four support beams but on the last one the saw caught and kicked back hitting me between the top of my ribs knocking me back while standing on a ladder and knocking the wind out of me...still hurts!

I did put would blocking between the cut metal studs and PL 400 everything together and will PL the plywood on around that area as well as add some screws to stiffen that wall. thought about welding some 1" angle between the studs but think the plywood and my blocking will be fine.

I did work into dark pulling all the wires into the right spots so I can insulate the ceiling and hopefully install some of the finished ceiling tomorrow.

I did get the lights today for the ceiling as well,

So I have wires in place for,
4 ceiling lights
2 lights in upper cabinets(maybe 4 but the wire is there)
Fantastic fan
110 for outlet outside passenger side.
Speaker wire to the upper cabinets as well but don't think I will use them, and no tv wire anywhere.
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