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> The next 1000 lines were suppose to be short and clear, I hope you can follow it anyway. <

Hello John,
a very nice PDM60 thread you got running here. I'm not a PDM60 owner yet, but thanks to you, I'm in the 'layout' phase. Thanks! However, it does hurt to see that you're not using the PDM trigger function and that your 18Amp Stebel horn is messing up your current setup.

I haven't heard the R1200 horn yet, but the factory Bosch double horn (420/510Hz) on my 2004 R1150RT are super loud and only use a 7.5Amp! I never installed my own Stebel horn after I heard these two (yes, I had the horn before I got the bike but that's a different story). Check and listen if these or others will fill your db needs.

1. If so, use the PDM60 output1 directly with a new horn and connect the gray PDM trigger wire to your BMW horn button (I assume it also switches like on the R1150RT to ground). Clean setup -> Extra relay gone

I'm trying to figure out your Krista light (Krista v2 and earlier?) power module.
2. I guess your earlier 'Krista Answer' meant to eliminate the provided Krista FLIP SWITCH by connecting both red wires at the SWITCH itself together ('+12V to Switch RED' and 'Load'). -> Extra switch gone
3. Connect the thin red wire from the Krista Power Module to the violet AS6B trigger wire. The AS6B will now take over the 'ignition on' function for the Krista Power Module and will turn on the Krista Lights, because you bridged the 2 red switch wires earlier. Black AS6B wire ('blue' in your drawing) still goes to ground. -> Extra relay gone
4. You also had problems with your heated gear on 15Amp. With the above changes you could try to bridge the two now available 15Amp circuits for the heated gear. The reason I say 'try', is because one of the ciruit is instant off and the other 180sec delay off (correct?). Not an issue to run the gear but if you turn off your bike, with all your heated gear still running, one output will shut off correct instantly and the other (delayed) should turn red because of too much Amp now. Not sure if the PDM will eat this forever? -> Extra fuse and additional battery connection gone

With this new setup you would get away with:
(1) 15-amp external-switched to run your NEW horns
(2) 15-amp ignition-switched paired together to feed heated gear
(2) 5-amp ignition-switched paired together to feed my Krista aux lights AND AutoSwitch AS6B (*)
(1) 5-amp ignition-switched to feed GPS, iPhone, airjacket sensor

(*)Krista and AS hooked together to eliminate to many 'devils' in case of light failure. Devil = Krista, AutoSwitch or PDM60. If you connect the AutoSwitch with other equipment to a different 12V output, they could become faulty and cause that PDM output to turn off. At the same time your lights go out caused by missing power for the AutoSwitch.

Let us know what your next step is.

"effin' great schematic"
PDM60 diagram
AutoSwitch AS6B diagram
Krista Light diagram
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