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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Same here. That's a serious piece of art-deco that really captures my heart. I'd love to have it....along with the bankroll to maintain and use it.
Yeah, so would Peterson. It was still in "barn find" condition when I saw it in 2008. I took a peak in the windows when I was there and it looked like it could be fantastic.

Originally Posted by natedog39 View Post
Ahhh, I knew it was something to that effect.
Did you see the exhibit when you took that picture. I just happened to luck into it, I took my GF to LA to get some publicity photos done and the photog was about 10 blocks away from the Peterson, so I went while she was doing the shoot.

You would have loved it. It's a shame the website doesn't have more info. I wonder if you can buy the catalog book online. I was a little disappointed they didn't have a Travco (or the original "Frank Mobile Home" the first mass produced RV) or a VW Westfalia Camper. Oh well.
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