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Originally Posted by RGregor View Post
SS, cool down.
I thought it was very simple. The question that arose here, whether BMW specs are right or not, will not be answered by talking. How could it?
This simply takes some work: timing a 336.
Now, who could do that?
Know anyone having such a cam in his engine?
And having the skills and knowledge .....
Now, if you doubt the specs, then measure and prove they're wrong.
What's so difficult to understand about that?
Cool down? Give me a break! I am not the one going on and on with personal crap like you guys have been doing for months now. Cracking up is laughing, not steaming! Do you read my posts? I never said I doubt the specs. I said that I believe they are cam specs and the reasons why I suspect and hope they are. Meanwhile, you and others are up to your usual crap. Where do you come up with this stuff? I have told you numerous times now why I have as yet not timed my cam. Now that I want to I am going to have to get a degree wheel. Until now, I have just used the shop's working for hire or used a friends. Before I get one I want to decide what size I am going to get. I think I am going to get a monster one for now and just time them out of the frame.

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