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Golf GTI or Volvo C30 or SportWagen TDI or...

Sadly, the quirky Element will, most likely, get totalled by insurance.

Now we're looking at options for a car for my wife. She wants a manual if possible, something smaller with better fuel mileage. After all, we have the van for hauling stuff.


- manual if possible - if right car comes along and it's AT, then is going to be automatic
- different- some personality required
- better fuel mileage than the Element given that is going to be a daily driver (future commute is only 10km). Now if we could get an Element with a diesel engine...

- looking at used cars with less than 40k km

Ok, the TDI is my choice, I hope that if she gets to test drive one will like it.
The Volvo C30 is her choice, based on looks, never drove one. Looking at '09-'12 models.
The GTI is something we both like. Looking at '10-'12 models.
Also thought of a Fit, but she is not sure she likes it.
She likes the Soul as well, they're like a mini Element, but gas mileage is not great in those, and the interior is not on par with the first 3 models.

Any cons to these models?

Don't know much about the Volvo C30, internet searches seem to be favourable.
Had many diesels in the past, although I am not familiar with the current 2.0 TDI.

Is there a car that we missed?

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