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Base to Composite radar switching and Dual function buttons

I sent Dennis a PM today asking about changing from Base to Composite and vice versa on the "follow me" weather. I was having some trouble with it and needed some clarification. I have to say that Dennis was quick to reply and very helpful. If he doesn't mind too much I am going to add his information to help others because it answered my question and more.

Originally Posted by wingwing
Thanks for the good feedback..

re: "The change between BASE and Composite seems to be finicky."

If you are expecting the BASE/COMP button to behave like a "toggle" between the two functions, then you are correct.. it's not consistent.
But actually, it's not a toggle.

Like most of the buttons on EMFB there is a "default" action and a "secondary" action.. I've tried to keep them "related".

The default action occurs when you "normally" tap the button..
.. in this case, if you tap "START RADAR" button the default action is to show the COMP-SR view.

But if you "tap & hold" the same button (aka "long tap" or aka "long press") for a slightly longer time, then the secondary function is triggered..
(you don't hold until something happens..
.. you just hold a little longer than usual)
So a tap&hold of the same button shows the BASE-LR radar view.

It's the only way I could come up with to provide two functions for each button..
..otherwise the display would be crowded with twice as many but smaller buttons.

On screen two:
Both the HOURLY and 7-DAY buttons are both dual function buttons.
You short tap for the local HOURLY information but
..tap&hold to get the HOURLY forecast for elsewhere.
The same for the 7-DAY button.. short tap for local forecast but tap&hold for a forecast elsewhere.

On the main screen:
DESTINATION, NAVIGATION and WEATHER are all dual function buttons.

short tap DESTINATION to activate the mic for a new input..
.. but tap&hold DESTINATION for a list of previous destinations that you can pick from.

short tap NAVIGATION and you open google Navigation with HOME filled in..
..but tap&hold NAVIGATION and you get to see what it's set to and also the ability to easily clear it so you can set something new.

short tap WEATHER and you go to screen two
.. but tap&hold WEATHER and you get a 48 hour forecast that you can have read back to you.

There is one more dual function button.
It is the big RED CLOSE EMFB button.
short tap to close EMFB
..but tap&hold CLOSE EMFB and you get to see what I call "system info".. That is basically a summary of how you have the phone set up and what resources it's currently using.

I hope that clears things up about how the buttons should behave?
.. maybe they won't seem so inconsistent now..
.. let me know?

thanks again,

2012 DL650 Wee Strom,
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