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Originally Posted by uk_mouse View Post
Sadly I haven't found a trick to do this the "nice way".

Basically I hacked off the plastic tabs with a knife, and hacked away at the silicone or whatever that black sealant stuff is. After a lot of hacking and digging, trying to avoid damaging the lens or the plastic case, I got it free.

To put it back together I just put the lens in place, held it with some tape, and ran a bead of normal silicone (bath sealant) round the groove.

That's how I repaired my headlight originally (I bought the bike with a cracked headlight reflector) - that was a few years ago and it held up fine. I've just replaced the reflector with one I blagged from another broken unit using the same method.

Sorry I didn't take photos of any of this process, but I took this one of the end result.

I love your quote at the bottom! so true even in any emergency situation, dirt bikes will always have a better chance
Keep the rubber side down
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