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Originally Posted by neduro View Post
I'm absolutely stunned by Pyn's result. It's not that I don't recognize what a brilliant rider he is, on the contrary, I'm very well aware of that.

But this is the absolute deepest pool of talent for cross country racing there is. These aren't just people who are good at it, they are the people who are best in the world at going a long distance across unknown terrain in a short time. Sure, there are some everyday Joe's at the back of the pack, but they struggle even to get through a stage. The middle of the pack is made up of people who live and breathe riding motorcycles- look at Patrick Beaule, who is no average rider by any means! I imagine anyone who has ridden with Pat will be happy to inform you he doesn't lounge around anywhere, and I'm positive he hasn't been.

So, people can say something like "he lucked into it" and of course they will be, in some measured way, correct. But we make our own luck in life, and there are about 150 other folks that had a similar chance today. Eight of them capitalized on that chance better than Lyndon.

In the biggest pond full of the biggest sharks, Lyndon has been proving himself more than capable day after day. And today, when the stars aligned, he was positioned to take advantage AND HE DID. No one, not even the ASO, can strip him of what we know happened.

F#ckin' Brilliant result! Legendary!

Now, to make sure it doesn't go to his head, and he keeps racing the exact same race he has been!

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