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Originally Posted by BeachGuy View Post
John, a fellow rider and his buddy are riding two KLR 650's and are taking a boat tomorrow. He emailed me the info just a couple of minutes ago and I will forward that email to you by PM.

Hope this works out for you.
Hi Beachguy,

That boat is 950 bucks and is fully booked. For that kind of money, I'd rather fly. I talked to the skipper of the Wildcard when he sailed in this morning. He had 19 people on his boat coming up from Cartegena and said he might be able to squeeze me on and take me and the bike maybe for 950. He is already overbooked with 16 backpackers leaving the 16th or 17th and arriving in Cartegena week after next. That is crazy overbooked for a ship his size. No thanks. I'd rather fly. Plus he said there were 10-15 foot seas coming in. Hmmmm.

And then two guys from New Jersey showed up this afternoon who had just been up to Colon and only found a cargo boat going part way for 400.00 including the bike. But then what? There are a crazy number of backpackers wanting to head south to Colombia right now. I can just see being stuck in the Kuna Yala.

So I made an executive decision to head to Tocumen airport this side of Panama City and hit Girag on Monday morning and booked a flight for myself to Bogota on Tuesday.

I'll be heading out with Matt and Robert from NJ and we'll split a room near the airport tomorrow night and hit Girag Monday morning at 9AM out at air cargo.

I appreciate all the great suggestions. When you're down here there are no easy answers. The whole idea is to finally make it to South America. Now that I've made the decision to fly, I'm stoked. I'll be sending back photos of the whole process and be cranking and banking in the Colombian mountains before you know it.

Thanks guys...You're the best,
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