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Originally Posted by happyfornow View Post
top cases are ugly.
Side cases need to be symmetric.
New riders that wear sleeveless t-shirts love hayabusas.
If you don't start riding on a 250cc, then buy a 650cc, and then buy a 1000cc+, you will never learn to ride correctly.
The shoei ds fogs up a lot.
Large displacement bikes are great great off road.
Large displacement bikes suck off road.
If you spend more than 10k on a bike, despite it's faults, it will be your favorite bike.
You can only test rain gear in the pnw.
You can only test mesh gear in the sw.
If you test cold weather gear you are crazy.
There are lots of bugs on the east coast.
If you don't wear atgatt you will die.
If you wear atgatt you will still die.
Adv riders like to drink.
Adv riders like bacon.
There is always an inmate to correct your grammar.
If you ride you can talk about d-bag drivers all day, but if you are on a bicycle you can not talk about d-bag drivers and should get the hell of the road.
Countersteering questions are answered in one sentence by experienced riders and multiple paragraphs by noobs.
People will look at pictures of dragon fails all day.
There are some pretty good writers on adv.
Tourmaster gear is crap.
Tourmaster gear is feels like wearing a plastic bag in a sauna.
Tourmaster gear leaks like a sieve in the pnw.
It rains a lot in the pnw.
People who ride a lot have a good sense of humor, and those who don't ride a lot are easily offended by ridicule.
There are always more farkles.
Inmates talk about pooping a lot.
Motorport and aerostich make the only riding gear that is worth the cost.
If you spend 5k on after market parts to farkle a bike no one cares, but if you spend 5k on welding equipment and tools to manufacture a $2 farlke yourself, everyone will love it!
Hd's are the best.
Bmw's are the best.
Honda's are the best.
Yamaha's are the best.
Kawasaki's are the best.
Triumph's are the best.
If you ride a bike from one of the above listed manufactures you will probably disagree with 5 of the 6 listed statements above.
Dakez wins all arguments.
Unless you started riding at age 3, got your motorcycle endorsement with your very first drivers license, and continued to ride until your current age of 40, you are a noob!
Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.
-- Charles Kuralt

I never plan a ride, just the destination and that's always subject to change.
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