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Originally Posted by RedRaptor22 View Post
I was'nt very clear lol, I did'nt mean actually mounting them to the cases like back in the day, mount them to the original rear set tabs on the frame like in the picture that Sanjoh posted, in addition run a brace or tube between them to make them a single peice with four bolts rather than two pieces with two bolts, should help spread any impact they may take in a crash or something.

That is if it's even possible without interfering with the chain routing or sidestand...well could modify the sidestand with a horseshoe to fit around the brace.
Gotcha. Might just look into that. I hope the exhaust wouldn't get in the way and I think it will unfortunately. I def plan to make something similar to KTMKLX but will weld it to frame and brace it underneath with a triangle or tube. I think to go clear across would end up in the same real estate as the header.

Spent the entire day in the shop. You all know me well enough to know there should be pics. Well, there aren't

I'm embarrassed by my frugality to show the pics of the STUPID FRIGGEN fender mounts it took me all day to make and I gave up on. I hope I am worth minimum wage because that's about what I was making today. Lukas, I owe you a beer...

Then the only other thing exciting I did was cut the seatpan and glass it with epoxy. I'm sure you can deal without seeing glue dry right? The epoxy really seems to grip the plastic I was surprised.

Since I am now lengthening the seat, cutting the tank is unavoidable. I hope this one goes better than the last one...
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