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Originally Posted by PA Slammer View Post
Just got back from the Pittsburgh RV show. They had about 90% trailers and a fair amount of toy haulers. Just not impressed though. I would think a "toy hauler" would be bullet proof and... well a bit more MANLY!

I know you have to keep them light and materials can get pretty crappy when you go light, so why not ALL aluminum frames? You would save a ton of weight. Then you would be able to be a bit more beefy with the cabinetry. Or all aluminum cabinets as well! Seriously, my boys would demolish some of those products.

Instead it seems that all the companies are concentrating on are TVs and speakers and curtains, and shiny crap. I want something I will be happy with 10 years from now. Not something I have to sell five years later for a tenth of the purchase price because everything broke and is rusted out.

I think when it comes down to it, I have to build my own...
Buy what is closest to what you want and improve/modify it to what you want. The_Filly & I have already started modding ours. Already beefed up the bed frame & sealed the places where bugs could possibly enter under the bed and added insulation too. Took apart one sofa and have a template made to construct a closet/shelving unit at the end of our bed. Then we'll be adding storage/bench seating all along the one side with taller cabinets too. I can share pics if anyone is interested

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