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Originally Posted by Michelangelo View Post
It's not just's freakin GAY!
I get the feeling that it's only worn when the camera is on him. I've seen him rip it off his head with a small amount of disgust for it as the camera pans away after an interview is over.

Also, Nasser's interviews both in Dakar and other events have always made me think he was a spoiled brat. Someone that had no mechanical sympathy for the cars and frankly, didn't know much about what they took to keep going. This year he's different. He's talking about his own issues and his shortcoming that are holding him back. He's also talking about the good and not-so-good points about the buggy and seems to have a good idea of what it's really capable of and he's trying to not overdrive it. Seems to be a better sportsman this year. Good for him.
Jason McDaniel
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