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I wish it were legal and accepted here. My experience in other countries with this style of riding is mainly in SE Asia. I loved it and it was almost a necessity if you want to get anywhere. If there is an accident, medical care is adequate at best, and good medical care can usually be found if you can provide the money. And this leads to one thing I have noticed in many other countries that is different from here in the US and other first world countries, although I wish it were that way here. And that is, is many other places in the world, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!!! Legal or not, you probably won't get much flak for minor traffic infractions, but if you screw up and get hurt, them that's on you. If you hurt someone else in the process, then you're really screwed. It's a bit of encouragement to be safe with your decisions. My $0.02.
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