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Originally Posted by FJR_ski View Post

The route on Streets and Trip Map, look's as the highways and routes are smaller and possibly have lower speed limits.
Speed limits are something I rarely worry about once away from the cities and larger towns. Keeping up with traffic will usually have you moving along rather briskly. Either way - through Regina or around Moose Jaw will be pretty much the same, except traffic around Regina can be heavier at certain times of day. Of course, if you're used to Chicago traffic (and I've been caught in some horrendous traffic there) anything across the Canadian prairies will seem tame.

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How is Denali Highway now days? Something that FJR might go on? Is it worth going on it?
It can be really nice if the weather is clear. It always has some rough, bumpy stretches, and sometimes a bit of mud, depending on the weather. I've gone across it several times on my Gold Wing with no trouble at all, and I always enjoy the ride. But if it is raining fairly hard at either end I believe I would find somewhere else to ride.

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And how about Tok to Dawson City to Montague to Whitehorse? Is that route still for dual-sport?

Tok to Chicken is paved and good. From Chicken to Dawson City is gravel, and can be a bit tricky. However, a brave young lady from Eastern Canada did it on her Hyabusa last year without dropping her bike once. Her RR here: Alaska-Hyabusa-Home

From Dawson City to Whitehorse is all paved and smooth, but I have found it to be one of the most boring rides in Canada. It's not bad, but after riding in the mountains to get there, it is pretty much level going down along the Yukon River.
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