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I am not aware of any scooter that is off road capable. The wheels are too small, the frame is not strong enough, there is not enough ground clearance, the CVT does not have a low enough gear ratio for off roading, the suspension is not up to the task, and a number of other things. A Zuma 125 scats and gets on the road, but it would be a dog in the dirt, and would likely be in lots of little pieces after one off road excursion. If you want street legal and dirt capable, a dual sport is the way to go. If you don't mind slow, and want wide tires and a low seat, the TW200 is a good way to go. I even found that if you have a rack on one, with a milk crate attached to it, and get a flat tire, all you have to do is remove the milk crate, flip it over, and set the bike up on it to get the wheels off the ground. Tires are a real PITA to get off and back on though, worse than a quad tire.
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