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Quite a party going on tonight in Portobelo. The annual Conga Diablo festival. Here are some of the Conga folk:

Here are Robert and Matt who arrived on their KLRs this afternoon after striking out in Colon:

and Roberts KLR parked next to the Sherpa at my outdoor office:

I treated them to a fish dinner down at the local cantina. Really good eats. And then we walked off dinner exploring the old Spanish fort down at the bay. Here are the original canons:

and Matt standing on the corner parapet against the night sky:

Here are the locals whooping it up to some serious congas:

The serious sounds were pumping out over in the park. I was getting a heart massage from the pounding my thoracic cavity was getting taking a picture of this van's sound system:

They had ten cars and vans lined up under the big top in the park all playing synchronized tunes. The sound was the loudest I have ever heard. The crowd of hundreds was standing back 30 feet or so it was so loud. That's saying something in Latin America:

This gal sitting in front of the van woofers must be Helen Keller's cousin:

I walked around with Matt checking out the scene. Now I know what it feels like to be a black person in Nebraska.

Unless some miracle cheap boat appears tomorrow, we're off in the morning for Tocumen airport. Should be fun.

I spent 38.75 today on lodging, food, sodas and dinner.

Hasta maņana,
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