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Dude, 3 collisions ... you win! I was only hit by a bus! Finding qualified service is sometimes very difficult. Take it from me, Lima is a great place to find service. Santiago isn't bad but I had the best luck in Lima. There is a good place for general service in Osorno, Chile MotoAdventura they helped us a lot. In Punta Arenas there is a good mechanic as well, although expensive. Here is his info; Alejandro Lago 0056996401233.

There are a lot of motorcycle shops in Buenos Aires located along the Avenida Liberatador in La Lucila. I think I saw a honda shop, a BMW shop, an adventure motorcycle shop, a Kawasaki shop and probably a couple more on my way to the KTM dealer. However, if any are like the KTM dealer, they will take you to the cleaners for basic service. An oil change, plug change, air filter change and a repaired leaky back shock cost me $1,173 US and that was at a VERY favorable exchange rate. My advice is get service work done before coming to Argentina, they love the Gringo money, but they seem to be very proud of their work.

Also, as a side note, Argentina as of January 7th, 2013 started charging Gringos (US, Canada and Australia) a reciprocity tax at all entry points, not just at the airport. $160 US for us yanks. AND, you have to pay by internet and have the document printed and with you when you enter. I wasted a half day in Uruguay at an internet shop finding the site, signing up, paying by credit card then printing off the document just to get back into Argentina after traveling over on a day trip with my wife. I think they are trying to kill the golden goose!

Here is the site to register. By the way, if you sign up and pay on the English site, it doesn't seem to carry through to the Spanish site. Very frustrating, when you are trying to convince a spanish speaking internet proprietor that you just signed up and he should be able to get to the site to print off your document.

I am headed to the Dakar in Cordoba today to see the finish of the stage there tomorrow and the start the day after. I will give you some advice I got, "try to avoid running into things". Via con dios, mi amigo.

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