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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post

With that small of a commute the TDI might not make sense for the mileage, though it does have better power than the base engine. Even with your higher gas prices unless you want to go on some huge road trips I'd say GTI. She just wont drive enough to make up the difference. Now if you're viewing the TDI as a performance increase over the base model due to its torque that works.
True, but almost all of our cars prior to the Element were diesels Plus, this is her current commute, it might change in a year.

We are going to have our in-laws closer now, because we're moving, as in 800km away, so a car with 30+mpg should help with the cost of fuel. Plus, we are going to be able once again to go skiing in the Rockies at least once/month. SO, while we won't rack up lots of miles. it's still worth looking into a car with good mileage.

Price wise, cost is pretty much the same, slightly below 20k for a SW TDI and GTI, lower for a Volvo. Talking about 1-3 years old, less than 40k km (23k miles).

Fuel wise, the cost is what you said, about 50 cents higher for diesel, although it fluctuates from region to region, could be cheaper at times.

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