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Originally Posted by Flanny View Post
Caught a good glimpse of Patrick working on CDR's 450 on Eurosport - that was kind of neat.

One thing that I'd like to say, whether you like his racing strategies or not, or the way the camera catches his bandana in the morning light, is that Cyril Despres is NOT an Asshole (as was mentionned in an earlier post).

I had the opportunity to ride with him over the course of a long-weekend, had dinner and beers with him, chatted with him and his girlfriend over morning coffee, and just generally hung-out with him on the trail at rest stops and fuel stops and lunch stops.

All I can say is that if I didn't know he was an international motorcycle racing Alien, I wouldn't have known it by his demeanour. Completely unpretentious, generous with interesting conversation on other topics, and quick with humour - he was basically a good dude to hang with, as much so as any of the other buds I was hanging with that weekend (except he didn't slow us all down like most of my other buds do...ahem).

So, I wouldn't be so quick to judge the entire person, or his overall character by what you see in the media, or by whatever happens in the heat of a race. I don't understand why cheering for one person means you have to assisinate the character of another person based on what you see in of all places...on the internet!

Anyway...that's my $0.02 FWIT.

(BTW - I'm also not about to judge Marc Coma as an asshole either by what I see of his racing strategies, or of this public relations machine either...)

(rant off).

I recognize CdP but who is the old grey haired dude?

Hey wait a second, that the old dude who follows us around on the weekends? You know, the one we always have to wait for ....


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