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Selling my 2moto kit. Fits basically all KTMs except 08-11 450/505 SXF-XCF, and just needs a spacer for those as I have the extra sprockets, etc. Also have a few accessories- wheels for the track and ski, ski cover, etc. Great shape.

$2500 for you FFs ($4500 new). Offers/ trades considered.

To answer the inevitable questions:
- Yes, it's really fun. I'm selling because I won't have another chance to use it this winter.
- The best part is making sweet carving turns- you can drag the handlebar all day long, thru trees, places that sleds cannot go
- You cannot hi-mark/ use horsepower like you do on a sled. It climbs way better than you would think possible, but you have to be sneaky, rather than just blast at stuff.
- I was in awe at what it would sidehill. Basically, if you could ski across it, you can 2 moto across it, plus you can climb while sidehilling. Super fun for going on recon in the backcountry.
- Ideal bike would be 525/ 530/ 500. Chassis and suspension are unimportant, basically, it wants some grunt. I put it on my 450 and it was OK, but you have to rev the motor a lot since the 450 isn't as torquey as the long stroke versions...
- About 2 hours to install the first time. Faster if you have a spare subframe as you have to remove the airbox.

Silverboy has a 525 for sale that would be an ideal place to mount the kit...

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