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Originally Posted by theothersean View Post
for those on a budget that have to shoot at only paper targets here is a cheap way to make " shoot n see targets " rather than paying a buck a piece for them , and they are reusable .

material list

cardboard ( empty beer or soda box or anyother free cardboard you have laying around to recycle ) cut it into the shape you want , I make them into silloetts

flouressent or white spray paint
black spray paint
clear packing tape


1 spray the cardboard with the bright colored paint and let it dry

2 cover the whole thing with clear tape, over lap the seams slightly so that the 1st coat of paint is completely sealed

3 spray the tape with the black paint and let dry
4 shoot at it , your bullet holes will crack the tape revealing the colored bullet hole . to reuse , simply cover each hole with a piece of clear tape and respray it black , this can be done in the field .

here are 2 , the black one was shot with 410 bird shot and the white one with pistol rounds . you can also play around with multi colors in the base layer , like adding red or pink to " vital " spots

for comparison there is a store bought "shoot -n -c " target stuck to the home made version

happy shooting
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