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Originally Posted by Gareengodiablo View Post
I'm 6'3" and am getting buffeted beyond recognition by both the stock screen and then by a 26" parabellum that I shelled out good money for (ouch!). I'm still trying to find a solution before I scrap the screen entirely, but it'd nice to have something to keep the arctic breeze at bay. I am considering getting a bracket (wasp, madstadt) to see if I can make either work better. Even though the parabellum is correctly sized for me, it just seems too damn big... Any taller riders with any thoughts on other screens or bracket solutions ? I saw a cool looking smoked puig mid-size screen but am not finding it in the US...what do people think on wasp vs. madstadt?

Thanks in advance--Russell
I'm 6' and the stock screen in either factory position felt like someone was playing paradiddles on my head with a pair of framing hammers. It was literally teeth-rattling.

Ended up with a CalSci shorty leaned back a little with the Madstad bracket. Problem solved - it wouldn't help you with reducing wind blast though - there's plenty of that with my configuration - but it's smooth air now.
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