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Originally Posted by Holaday View Post
Thanks. Cant find them there on the website, I'll give them a call.
Here's a cut/paste on the receipt I received in email - maybe you can search on the text used as it's probably auto-generated.

Never compromise, always use Genuine Mercedes Parts.

If there is a difference between your shipping and billing address, we will contact you to send you a verification form to fill out and fax back to us before we process your order request.

Items Ordered:
Item: , Wheel alloy
Price: $96.00
Tax: $0.00
Qty: 4
Total: $384.00
*this is the wheels*

Item: , Aluminum wheel
Price: $2.80
Tax: $0.00
Qty: 24
Total: $67.20
*this is the new longer lug bolts*

Item: Wheels, Covers and trim, Wheel cap, Aluminum wheel, WHEEL HUB CO
Price: $14.40
Tax: $0.00
Qty: 4
Total: $57.60
*this is the center hub*

Item: Wheels, Wheels, Valve stem, Valve stem
Price: $2.00
Tax: $0.00
Qty: 4
Total: $8.00
*these are the valves stems - which you don't need if you buy sensors - I ordered my sensors from Ryder*

Items Total: $516.80
Shipping: $8.99
Handling Fee: $0.00
Order Total: $525.79

Hope this helps

p.s. you don't need the valve stems if you get the tire pressure sensors.
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