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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
All 3 good vehicles. Drive em and see. Don't forget an A3 TDI too.

That C30 is the ONLY Volvo that'll come with a manual trans. I asked

Yes, that's one of the reasons the V50 is not quite on our radars.

And yes again, an A3 would probably be what she likes best- big Audi fan, problem is the fuel mileage for gassers- thinking quatro here, and price for TDIs...

Originally Posted by SourKraut View Post
I considered the Golf TDI versus the GTI and ended up going with the '12, 4 door, manual transmission GTI since I don't put many miles on it. What a great car after a 15 months and 10K miles it still puts a grin on my face every time I drive it. I can't get 30mpg out of it but someone with a tiny bit of discipline certainly could.
good to know that 30mpg is 'attainable' Have you had a ski box on top/kayak/etc? Wondering how that would affect mileage- looks are compromised, but so be it

Originally Posted by falconati View Post
GTI or C30 - I wouldn't get a diesel based on the low mileage you'd be driving it. I'd probably go for the GTI since you both seem to like it.
Let's keep in mind that we're buying used, the cost of purchase is irrelevant because it's almost even- mileage is different but not by much (when comparing a GTI vs SW TDI for example).

If the diesel we're talking about is something like my 7.3 PSD, than yes, I agree. In the winter I have to have it plugged- it starts without no problem unplugged but takes forever to warm the 15+ litres of oil. However, modern diesels take little to warm up, and even though the commute is only 10km one way, the weekend trips will add up.

The van will be kept for transcontinental trips when we need tons of room, but otherwise we still need something that she likes to drive daily, and I can enjoy driving it on weekends.

Three more days... then let the test drives begin

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