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Originally Posted by Specterx View Post
thought I would share this projector I am working on. Got an otterbox 3500 case from amazon for $26 and made a bracket for it. The nylon strap is just for the pictures. I am going to use a nylon strap that has a clamp or D-ring on the end of it. It clears the rear tire by about 2/3 of an inch. The case is nice. It is waterproof and comes with a thin layer of foam lining on the inside.

Just as a suggestion. Otter box does make a product with an opening end lid.
It's not the same volume as what you have there, but access would be easier
and would also give a little room cushion. Could bolt to your bracket so
strap flopping would be a non issue as well.

Yes they make it in black. For well known reasons I went with yellow.
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