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Originally Posted by 1Down-5Up View Post
I think he will have to change tires before he has to refuel!!!

Safari tank= 15L +8L +7L Roto= 30L @ 27km/L = 810 km (506 miles) Best case scenario

As for the tire, I would take the wheel off , let the air out and break the bead. Check the tube for kinks and rotate the tire

and see if a new position helps.
Well not really. Currently I'm getting to about 105m before the fuel light comes on then usually about 60m. left to empty on the safari tank. I have yet to replace the fuel programmer so that will probably cut the range down a little, and I have yet to do any full up equipment test for range yet; which I hope to do as soon as the weather allows. In the end I am looking for a safe 260m range with reserve to do the Daltom Hwy. to Prudhoe bay. I will probably leave one system or the other behind. Rotopax is 1.75g with the convenience of always being mounted out of the way, BUT it is a little heavier and the empty weight is always with you. The fuel bladder will give me 2g, and the convenience of lighter weight when not used and can be stored out of the way, BUT when loaded it is mounted up higher on the rear rack which is less stable. So more fun yet in load/ride testing to come.
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