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Originally Posted by modeselector View Post
... pimp that ride for safety's sake!
People buying new exhausts for their bikes rarely do so "for safety". You want safety - make sure there is a spark arrestor in the can and keep it there. Wrap the stock can in tape, etc. (No, I wouldn't either... ;) )

Yes, the stock can gets hot, but non-stock get hot, too. Not AS hot, but the also don't have a cat inside them, so that poses other issues.

And sometimes with the new can comes drivability issues. Meaning a new intake, and computer reprogramming and bingo, you're on the slope before you know it.

It's a tough call IMO. Regarding bolt on mods like crash bars, skid plates, etc., I say load them on - protection for the bike and rider are critical. :)

I've built so many cars and truck sover the years that I don't really care for deeper mods today. Buy the right tool for the job, etc...realizing there is a cost barrier for some with this approach.

And having said all that, you'll still find times when you should mod engines, etc. The KLR Doohickey comes to mind - weak part from the factory that should be upgraded.

Ultimately, it all remains a personal choice. :) Which is why bikes are so friggin' cool.
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