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Originally Posted by markk900 View Post
If you are mostly road and smooth off road, then I can't imagine not having the rollers will make much difference. However, any more aggressive off road and you might want to reconsider. Without the rollers you will have a potentially much larger variance in chain angle and could experience derailing.

Do you set your preload higher with a passenger? If not, setting it much higher when two-up might take care of the issue with the roller being in contact.

ps. love the picture......
Yes, that makes sense! Virtually all my riding is on tarmac, and we have the preload set about mid way which gives a wonderfully smooth ride under most conditions.
I can't see me ever derailing the chain....but I better not tempt fate.

Glad you liked the was cold (for us softies) out there today, but it gave us new admiration for all you hardcore DR riders that know what REAL cold feels like!
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