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The bike will go 140 miles per. hour and is very nimble.We used all the guages,wiring harness,etc,from the Buell Lightning and it is the upgraded fuel delivery system.We used a Honda cr500 dirtbike frame and we had to add 4" longer,and make it 1.5" taller.The bike is very strong and handles better than the Aprilia Dorsoduro Motard bike we have new in our shop.We built the bike to showcase our new Motard bikes and will not part the bike out(this means will not sell any parts off the bike).We will not tell you how to build one of these bikes(sorry we do this for a living).We will not take any trades(except for meat from a real bigfoot,meat from a giant panda,or a one night stand with Sara Pallin).This bike is for people that wish to scare the boss,or wife into thinking your insane.We like to see all our motorcycles driving fast, and we frown on people that buy them and go 55 mph down the highway as this reflects on us.We have have another bike (same as this one)ready next month.We have been hit with all the ebay scam artists(we wont send any money to anyone but please feel free to check with all the members of congress)many times so dont even try!! The funny thing is if there were as many people working offshore or on a research vesell as these scammers claim the economy would not be in bad shape(I worked offshore for a number of years and there are phones on a drilling rig).Any questions feel free to ask!Thanks for your time and remember in a recesion you should wok harder,drive faster,and have more sex!
Nice ad. ;)
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