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The bike does stand out a bit as the majority of bikes here are cruiser & H-D touring types. I tell the Harley boys at work that the Duc is a v-twin, but doesn't need to be rubber mounted, etc. About all I get are blank looks, motorcycling to them means H-D, or cruiser type bikes. I don't understand the mentality, but I guess that I am just as closed minded but in the opposite sense in that I cannot understand the appeal of the feet forward, low slung, cruiser design.

I got the chance to put a couple thousand miles on it last fall with a trip out to the Black Hills and a two day run over the passes of the Big Horns, great fun. Am currently working up a plan for a trip to the west coast in the spring.

cheers, melby

says the ducati fan in the BMW/Hardly thread....
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