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Originally Posted by herrhelmet View Post
Geez, I know those are tight... helped a friend install a battery in one... What is your max dimensions and I can check for you.

Not sure on the box without tearing it apart, but even where there is room, the cables tend to take up that space. The YTZ10s is 6 x 3 7/16 x 3 11/16 (per Yuasa). The box could possibly tolerate more width, but the cables run beside the battery so I'm not sure I'd want too go much wider (Thicker). If I recall right, not much room to go up either. Probably some room to spare length-wise, maybe a bit over 6" would fit. Ideally, probably nothing more than about 1/8" bigger than a typical YTZ10s, maybe 1/4" to play with on the length dimension.
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