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Chris, I really like those Huskies. With a slightly larger than 3 gallon tank I guess the rotopax is a must do. again sorry for the non-xc offering.
The TE630 has been said to the best dualsport ever made. It ranks up there like the Tiger is one of the best adventure bikes ever made. I love them both, but like I say, one could not replace the other. I suppose if it came down to picking one, it would probably be the Husky. It's more versatile, goes more places, but it's just not as fun for hiway touring. 200 miles on the Husky is like 400 miles on the Tiger.

For really remote places extra fuel is necessary, like Death Valley, Alaska, etc. It gets about 50mpg, so the stock tank will take it about 150 in good conditions. The Kolpin pax puts it at 175-200 miles in rough conditions. The alternative is a Safari tank and it's a bloated, ugly, POS. Yep, it holds like 7 or 8 gallons. And it's about $800. Yikes!

We did 800 miles in 5 days through Grand Canyon North Rim last year. The Husky was the PERFECT bike for that, RR in my sig.

Here's the husky on the grand canyon tour, at Bar-Ten Ranch, north rim.

I got the Tiger in July, have put as many miles on it in 5 months as the husky got in a year and a half. The Tiger just EATS miles. It's just not a dirtbike though.
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