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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
Granted, this is coming from racing, but the issues that James West (and others?) had with clogged fuel injectors (KTM bike) in the current Dakar terrain (by only stage 5), and his explaining of it not being particularly a quick thing to have to change out an injector, has me questioning the need for, or role of, fuel injection
Conditions at dakar are a lot harsher than anything a typical adventure rider would face. I dunno about you, but I find riding in someone's dust cloud even more stupid than riding at night. Especially since (at least where I live) you are likely to see cattle or horses and definitely kangaroos on any dirt road. I've had a few near death experiences even when I can see clearly.

Long before there's enough dust to get through the fuel cap breather hose into the fuel (how else does it get into the injector?), I'm gonna pull over and wait until the dust clears.

Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
So if total HP isn't a huge factor in adventure riding, where instead actually making it to a destination can be close to a life or death factor, why would I want fuel injectors again?
If an engine failure is "close to a life or death factor" then you're doing something wrong. There is a long list of parts that can fail, no amount of precautions can guarantee you are going to get where you're going.

The biggest benefit for me is fuel efficiency. My 645cc fuel injected thumper is slightly more economical than the 250cc carb'd thumper it replaced, and a *lot* more fuel efficient than my dad's 650cc carb'd bike. My fuel tank is a lot lighter than his and I get further on a tank. Plus I have ~30% more power according to the dyno charts I've seen (obviously that's not because of the injector... but it is impressive when you compare fuel efficiency, especially since his transalp has fairing and my 690E does not).

I'm not fussed about what's probably a negligible power gain, but the extra fuel range and smaller tank really is a big deal. I could fit a carb if I wanted, but I choose not to. Perhaps riding in a country with dodgy fuel I might change my mind.

I'm approaching 50,000km now and have had no fuel issues, except one time when a badly routed fuel hose started leaking after rubbing on a bolt (good old electrical tape got me home).

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