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Originally Posted by danielks View Post
Anyway... voltmeter shows 13.6 to 14 volts when running. 13.0 idle. 12.4 engine off.

OEM battery.
Check the fuel pump and fuel pump wiring. Mine gummed up after sitting for a while. People complain of stalling and such and the fuel pump could be the culprit yet every body points at the battery. The batteries were intially bad but if a new one was installed I would move on. The blended fuels seem to cause problems if these bikes aren't ridden. Yours with 5700 kilometers is not even broken in yet and being a 2007 probably sat for a while. Maybe somebody here knows how to clean a fuel pump that is gumbed up with gasoline additives. A new BMW pump is expensive but there are probably auto pumps that would work. This is just an opinion as I am no mechanic.
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