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HD 10mm 12pt Caliper Bolts - Spline Sockets?

I've been making progress (slow & unsteady, as usual) with the 2000 Softail Standard.
The fork boots are both split(), and I need to remove the caliper so I can drop the left fork leg.
HD affixes the caliper with dicey looking 10mm 12 point bolts. All my 10mm sockets are 6 point, and my 10mm wrenches are short and don't give me nearly the leverage to loosen the bolts (even using the scarey "larger wrench looped over the end" trick) which are supposedly torqued to 38 ft lbs (and frozen into the aluminum caliper).
So I need to get a 12 point metric socket. Our Asian friends have a set of conventional 12 point "Pittsburg Pro" sockets, and these "spline sockets" which they say work on 4, 6, and 12 point fasteners and "deliver more torque than standard sockets".

Any experience/recommendations/tips on loosening these bolts that seem hellishly tight?

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