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Down but not out - Bicycle strike on the 990

Well Bay Area Friends -

Today an "iffy" looking man on a rusty old bike decided to shoot across an intersection ignoring his red light. The light was green for me and I was traveling about 36 MPH when he jaunted across. I hit the front brake, swerved to the right to avoid him but it was too late. He is going to be OK - He was in the wrong - He took a ride to the hospital in the ambulance. I hit him pretty much square then laid the bike down and slid about 20 feet on the pavement. I am OK. I only have bruised ribs and a sore shoulder thanks to all my gear. The 990 on the other hand isn't doing so well.

The impact of the collision did some pretty good damage to both fairings, headlight and then the subsequent skidding ground down the crash bars pretty well.

I am glad I am very sore but OK and I am thankful to the 3 witnesses that stopped to help out and support my claim of innocence. I feel sorry for the guy but he was riding on towards me on the wrong side of the street, and then took a right turn right in front of me ignoring the streetlight.

I heard the paramedics say he'll be OK - with cuts and contusions

This happened in Alameda, less than 3 miles from my home. Thanks to Bert and Wendy for shooting over to help out and to treating me to "chicken and waffles" after the whole thing was over. I was riding to meet up with him for lunch just 5 miles from my house!

I am really hoping they can repair the bike as I have done so much to it over the last few years. More to come....

Peace out and please ride safe!
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