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Had a fun day today. Started out with Matt and Robert riding out to the airport and finding Girag. They aren't open on Sunday, but the office lady came to the door and informed us that they are booked for motorcycles until January 25th. Yikes!

So that threw a monkey wrench into the plans. We decided to find a hotel and think over our options. I lost Matt and Robert in traffic. Hmmmm. Well maybe head out to Carti and see if the Stahlratte had room for a small bike like Throttlemeister suggested. I had time to think while I was riding so stopped in Cheppo at a copy shop to get duplicates of my aduana papers just in case they could take the bike.

I really like the road to Carti so I would ride out there just for fun. Nothing else better to do today. Got out to the Kuna boys at the border and they let me through for free since I let them sign my tank the other day. They said 20 gringos had come through on bikes an hour ago. Holy cow! If it wasn't such a fun road I would have turned back right there. But I cranked through the roller coaster to the beach just in time to catch this fellow from Canada that I had met in Nicaragua wheel his bike into the panga for the ride out to the Stahlratte:

here are the last three bikes waiting to be loaded:

and loading up in the panga:

and some riders hanging out on the beach. There was a lot of action. I asked the Stahlratte crewman if there was any way they could take another bike. Nein. They were loaded to the gills. Oh well. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Here are some riders hanging out on the beach:

and the final load disappearing behind the Stahlratte:

I decided to go out to the island of Carti and see if I could find Alan who is the man who knows what boats are coming through. I paid the 8 dollars for the ride out. While I was waiting I talked to this nice man who had just put a Chevy V-8 in his Toyota Landcruiser:

Turns out he had the number for Cierra, the mythic captain of the Vya del Mar. He gave me the number and said he would call Cierra and let him know I needed a ride on his scow. Hmmm. Things are looking up. So I jumped into this water taxi:

and headed out to the island of Carti.

More pics loading.......
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